Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Author: Roni Dhar

It is understandable that you should cut back on or drastically reduce your conventional marketing (which includes print and television campaigns) budget these days, particularly because of the financial turmoil that is gripping the world. However, there is really no reason why you should not invest in other alternative advertising campaigns, including mobile marketing. Based on studies, the number of users of mobile phones is steadily on the rise. In fact, people now spend considerably more time using their mobile devices than their personal computers. Here are some of the benefits of advertising with mobile technology.

As mentioned earlier, mobile phones are widely used by majority of people not only in the United States but in other countries as well. With the sheer amount of hours spent sending and reading texts, calling friends and family, reading e-mails and even accessing the Internet, it is without a doubt that mobile marketing has become an important advertising tool these days. Come to think of it, people usually bring their mobile phones, PDAs and blackberries wherever they are, even inside the comfort room, so you know that they would easily see and read your advertising message the moment you send it.

Compared to other advertising venues, mobile marketing is one of the cheapest. In fact, the cost of sending SMS Alerts or using short code solutions (including shared short code) is just a fraction of the cost compared to placing advertisements in magazines, newspapers and even in your local television or radio stations. What's more, with mobile promotional strategies, you know that your target market receives the message you want them to know or receive. In print and television media, however, you have to rely on the popularity of the show or the paper to make sure that somehow your target audience or client was able to receive your marketing pitches.

Lastly, mobile marketing is effective because mobile devices are easy to use. People usually do not want complications when it comes to participating in promos and contests. So the easier it is for them to send a message and reply to your promotional messages the better. Other premium SMS projects that you can undertake as part of your marketing campaign include SMS Contests, SMS Gateway, SMS Voting and many others. In order to make your mobile advertising strategies successful, however, it would be best to find the appropriate mobile advertising company that offers the services that you need.

About the Author: Dr Roni Dhar is the founder and president of GOMOTEXT.COM which helps brand marketers, agencies, wireless carriers and content providers engage consumers one-on-one via mobile marketing campaigns


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